A guide to proper performance management and optimization

First up, what is performance management actually? The words by themselves do provide meaning of course, however in no way do they explain what the term actually implies.

Performance management is actually a rather broad term, which is not restricted to the IT world, but has to do with things like organizing a big company or organization in an efficient manner. I will be describing briefly about the implications in technology and software. In short, performance management is the application of control. controlling the way hardware acts together, the way software is structure, which resources it draws on, how the two works together, and so on and so forth.

Together with performance optimization, which again provides meaning without actually doing so, this can all make a very big difference.

But what the is performance optimization? It is really the application of performance management. Where the ladder where the problem lies, performance optimization has to do with solving the problem. This part of this piece of code is not efficient enough, what do we do? That kind of things.

But isn’t then performance optimization and performance management really one and the same? Well, yes and not. they work together, like a CIA agent may provide intelligence which leads to a fighter pilot bombing a specific target, but stating that they’re one and the same, may not be entirely correct.

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